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  • Save up to 15% on IP security systems plus free shipping. Hurry offer ends 07/24/2018.
    Save up to 15% on IP security systems plus free shipping. Hurry offer ends 07/24/2018.

Continuing Education for Dealers

Grow Your Business with the Dealer Program

Learn how the Dealer Program can help you grow your business - with differentiated products, dedicated dealer support, and our unparalleled marketing and lead generation engines.

In this hands-on training course, you’ll learn:

  • Basics of CCTV and IP surveillance
  • Capabilities, features and benefits of our IP, HD-TVI, Analog, Access Control and Wireless Security solutions
  • How to install, configure and support our branded offerings from Alibi, infinias, and Ligowave

Lunch is provided on each day of the training, and all attendees are invited to join our Dealer Team Sales Managers for dinner on Day 2. Additionally, all registrants will receive our latest IP/Analog testing kit, and an Alibi-branded golf shirt.

Join us, and start growing your business today!


Dealer Training Registration

Please note the following when signing up for training: Course registration fee is $499. Attendees are responsible for their travel, lodging and per diem expenses. Attendees are required to bring a laptop to the training.

3-day Training Course Upcoming Dates:

  • May 22-24, 2018
  • August 21-23, 2018
  • October 23-25, 2018

Training Location:

11000 N Mopac Expressway, Building 300
Austin TX, 78759

Dealer Webinar Archive

Grow the Value of Your Business with PowerLeads Marketing Program

Learn how to generate more leads and grow your business with email campaigns. Many dealers do not have an entire marketing team at their office. For that reason, we have created a turn-key email marketing tools, branded for YOUR business, to keep you top of mind with your customers & prospects. This webinar also explains how to sign-up and access our email marketing tools.

Networking 101 for Security
Installers and Integrators

The goal of this training is to give you an understanding of IP. While many of our dealers are analog experts, but they often know much less about IP. This webinar will enable you to talk to your customers about IP and sell more IP products.

Top Tech Questions for Dealers

This webinar will educate you on how our dealer program protects your business online. The SC Dealer Program introduces several new features that provide product and price protection. More specifically, the program offers products with unique part numbers that can't be found in an online store.

Tech Webinar:
How to Setup Port Forwarding

This brief (less than 10 minutes) webinar features a step-by-step tutorial that explains all you need to know to set up Port Forwarding, including instructions on how to find your IP address on a recording device and access your IP address on a router.