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  • Save 20% on orders of $399 or more plus free shipping. Hurry offer ends 07/10/2018.
    Save 20% on orders of $399 or more plus free shipping. Hurry offer ends 07/10/2018.

Designed by law enforcement agents

Whether it's undercover operations, long range surveillance, interview rooms or on patrol, Security Cameras Directs video systems have the bad guy covered with our third-generation in-car camera system that is packed with the latest advancements and a purpose-built design that is modular enough to meet the needs of any department size.

Features of this standalone system include:

Homebase Wi-Fi Upload
Solid State Recording
Integrated System & Monitor Controls
Laptop Compatibility
Radar Gun Integration
8 Zone G-force Sensing
Software Suite with Evidence Management

Video files are uploaded wirelessly once the police vehicle is in range of the server. This means that officers don't have to worry about manually downloading anything - the process is automatic.

Savings and Evidence Security from Patrols

"At shift change, it was always a hassle – first it was changing tapes, and then it was downloading files to a CF card. I wish I'd had Wi-Fi upload back then, which retrieves video files from the entire shift in minutes, freeing up the patrolman to do other 10-42 duties and get home sooner. Not surprisingly, this saves the agency a lot of money in time spent handling evidence. In addition, the chain of custody is shortened and digitally documented."

-Russ Beeson, Former Officer, Law Enforcement Technical Sales Manager, SE LE Division

Evidence Management Software

  • Low processor demand
  • Full remote communication with DVRs
  • Automatically retrieves files for storage
  • Chain of custody records includes file and user history

Client & Management Software

  • Search, play, copy, export, email video files
  • Configuration of user accounts and rights
  • Remote configuration of DVR settings
  • Generates USB keys for patrolman ID video overlay
  • Interfaces with evidence management server

Laptop Software

  • Allows onboard laptop to replace standard monitor
  • Full system access to user level controls
  • Live streaming for real-time remote monitoring

Demo On Demand

"Sometimes seeing the equipment in person during a demonstration is necessary to make a good decision. I'll be happy to travel to your location to do a personal, onsite demonstration. Meeting with you face to face will help put you at ease with your purchase and help me to understand your needs completely. Please feel free to contact me directly to discuss your needs and begin working towards a solution that meets your needs."

-Keith Harris, Law Enforcement Technical Sales Manager, SE LE Division

Why Security Cameras Direct?

Committed to earning your trust

Over the past 21 years, Security Cameras Direct has built an unparalleled reputation within the Law Enforcement community by delivering the best performing, best priced products in the industry…

Products that are trusted and field tested by over 9,500 Police Departments, more than 700 Federal Agencies, and every branch of the Armed Forces.

Each of our Law Enforcement Division dedicated sales team members offer both the professional experience and technical expertise required to provide effective solutions that address the mission critical surveillance needs of our law enforcement customers.

Here's how we're committed to serving you:

Product Leadership

  • Customer driven designs
  • Customizable solutions
  • In-house fabrication capabilities

Risk-Free Purchasing

  • Industry Leading Warranties
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • FREE Lifetime Technical Support

Easy Ordering

  • PRE-APPROVED Credit & Purchase Orders
  • GSA Contract Holder
  • DIR Texas Contract Holder

Dedicated Support

  • Dedicated LE sales and support teams
  • Exclusive LE product lines
  • System engineering and field support

1. Rear Camera


  • Auto Day/Night function
  • 840nM Infrared lighting
  • 420 lines of resolution
  • Built-in microphone
  • Waterproof housing
  • Rugged cast construction

2. Front Camera


  • Side mounted controls
  • Compact size
  • 530 lines of resolution
  • 10x optical zoom
  • Night mode button
  • LP capture mode
  • Speed zoom
  • Dual purpose indicator

3. Video Monitor


  • Auto Day/Night function
  • Backlit controls
  • Built-in speaker
  • Stowaway mount
  • Full access to user functions
  • Brightness & contrast controls
  • 4.3" color TFT LCD screen

4. Digital Video Recorder


  • 100% solid state design
  • 4 Camera & microphone inputs
  • 8 Sensor inputs 2 outputs
  • Remote configuration
  • Linux based operating system
  • Smart power management
  • Automatic Wi-Fi upload

5. Wireless Microphone


  • Auto Day/Night function
  • Remote activation
  • 1500' range
  • Mute button
  • 95 Channels with auto sync
  • Secure frequency hopping
  • 12 hr run time on 3 hr charge
  • Internal & lapel microphone
  • Includes case and wind screen

6. G-Force


  • 8 Zone G-force detection
  • 10 level sensitivity
  • Plug-and-play integration
  • LED event display

Today's mobile recorders come equipped with the same features and benefits of traditional security recorders, but are built to withstand the rigors of on- and off-road applications. Here are 10 unique features they offer:


Small Form Factor

Given their small size, mobile DVRs can be placed underneath seats, in glove boxes, center consoles, trunks and in lockboxes for both convenience and greater evidence security.


Mobile DVRs feature durable metal housings and solid state memory – resistant to shock and constant vibrations.


Most mobile DVRs feature a built-in GPS receiver, providing the exact location, date/ time, altitude, speed and direction of travel.


Some mobile DVRs allow realtime monitoring of video and audio via cellular transmission, allowing for remote monitoring, two-way communication, relay outs, text message and email alerts.


Sensors & relays connected to doors, headlights, brake lights, emergency lights, and turn signals can overlay each activity on mobile DVR recordings.



When triggered, most mobile DVRs will capture a video evidence of activities leading up to and after that event.

Robust Power

A quality mobile DVR is capable of handling wild voltage swings common to all vehicles and provide power to cameras.


After a vehicle ignition is turned off, mobile DVRs can be programmed to turn off immediately or continue recording for a designated period beyond vehicle power down.


Advanced mobile DVRs offer the ability to automatically upload recorded footage through cellular transmission or Wi-Fi.


Built-in software allows for central management of hundreds of mobile recorders and cameras with ease – simultaneously.