File: /home/ligna/live/hybrid/classes/HubFeedOutput.php#25 object(SCLeadsFeedObject)#32 (25) { ["ID"]=> string(5) "49065" ["NAME"]=> string(57) "HD-TVI/CVI/AHD Mini Video Balun Pair with Screw Terminals" ["KEY"]=> string(3) "AV1" ["FEEDID"]=> string(2) "20" ["CREATED":protected]=> string(19) "2022-01-11 10:44:47" ["title"]=> NULL ["description"]=> string(1076) "This HD-TVI/CVI/AHD Mini Video Balun with Screw Terminal enables you to send HD video over unshielded twisted pair CAT5 cabling. The HD video balun is compatible with multiple HD video technologies, including HD-TVI, CVI, and AHD. The video balun provides long-range transmission with the ability to transmit 1080p full-HD video up to 650′ and 720p up to 980'. The video balun is compact in size, measuring .57″ x 1.94″ x .61″ and features a screw terminal for an easy and secure connection. The mini balun also features a BNC male input and supports bandwidth from 50Hz ~ 47MHz (-3dB). Video balun cabling transmission systems are an alternative solution to coaxial and fiber based systems, providing the following benefits: Fast, easy installation, saving time and money Substantial savings on the cost of the cable itself Superb quality on long range transmission The video balun comes with a 3-year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee, and free US-based technical support. What’s included: (2) HD-TVI/CVI/AHD mini video balun with screw terminal (1) Spec sheet" ["FULL_NAME"]=> string(39) "video-security-accessories/video-baluns" ["SHORT_NAME"]=> string(12) "Video Baluns" ["CATEGORYID"]=> string(5) "27175" ["OBJECTID"]=> string(5) "49065" ["TS"]=> string(19) "2022-01-11 10:44:47" ["md5"]=> string(32) "62190ecf8422c9654708dcf0c465ee4b" ["additional_image"]=> string(67) "" ["Featured"]=> string(1) "0" ["image_link"]=> string(67) "" ["key_features"]=> string(349) "